Celebration Calendar

Designed to help you remember your friend’s special dates, this calendar will also give you a few gift ideas. 

For instance, each birthstone is a different color, select a gift with your friend’s birthstone color. 

Themes are also a fun way to celebrate. Select a gift with different themes.

– Garnet
New Years DayJan 1Jan 1Jan 1Jan 1Jan 1Jan 1
MLK Jr. Day
January-3rd Monday
Jan 17Jan 16Jan 21Jan 20Jan 19Jan 18
– Amethyst
Groundhog DayFeb 2Feb 2Feb 2Feb 2Feb 2Feb 2
Valentines DayFeb 14Feb 14Feb 14Feb 14Feb 14Feb 14
Presidents Day
February-3rd Monday
Feb 21Feb 20Feb 18Feb 17Feb 16Feb 15
Mar -Aquamarine and BloodstoneSt. Patrick’s DayMar 17Mar 17Mar 17Mar 17Mar 17Mar 17
Apr – DiamondApril Fool’s DayApr 1Apr 1Apr 1Apr 1Apr 1Apr 1
Good Friday
2 days before Easter
Apr 22Apr 6Mar 29Apr 18Apr 3Mar 25
Easter Sunday
March or April
Apr 24Apr 8Mar 31Apr 20Apr 5May 27
Earth DayApr 22Apr 22Apr 22Apr 22Apr 22Apr 22
May – EmeraldCinco De MayoMay 5May 5May 5May 5May 5May 5
Mothers Day
May-2nd Sunday
May 8May 13May 12May 11May 10May 8
Memorial Day
May-Last Monday
May 30May 28May 27May 26May 25May 30
Jun – Pearl, Alexandrite, and MoonstoneFlag DayJun 14Jun 14Jun 14Jun 14Jun 14Jun 14
Fathers Day
June-3rd Sunday
Jun 19Jun 17Jun 16Jun 15Jun 21Jun 19
Jul – RubyIndependence DayJul 4Jul 4Jul 4Jul 4Jul 4Jul 4
Aug – Peridot and SardonyxNeed Holiday HERE
Sep – SapphireLabor Day
September-1st Monday
Sep 5Sep 3Sep 2Sep 1Sep 7Sep 5
Oct – Tourmaline and OpalColumbus Day
October-2nd Monday
Oct 10Oct 8Oct 14Oct 13Oct 12Oct 10
HalloweenOct 31Oct 31Oct 31Oct 31Oct 31Oct 31
Nov – Topaz and CitrineVeterans DayNov 11Nov 11Nov 11Nov 11Nov 11Nov 11
November- 4th Thursday
Nov 24Nov 22Nov 28Nov 27Nov 26Nov 24
Dec – Tanzanite, Zircon, and TurquoiseChristmas DayDec 25Dec 25Dec 25Dec 25Dec 25Dec 25
News Year EveDec 31Dec 31Dec 31Dec 31Dec 31Dec 31